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Welcome to the Virtual Biodiversity Museum of Cyprus.

The main aim of the Virtual Museum is to provide the visitor with accurate information on biodiversity issues of the island of Cyprus. Thus, the website is continuously updated on the latest developments on nomenclature and classification issues of the taxa, as these are announced in valid international scientific journals.

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The Virtual Biodiversity Museum of Cyprus presents in pictures, the most important representatives of the flora and fauna of Cyprus, along with the habitat types where they occur.
It also provides information on the threats on Cyprus' biodiversity and the conservation status of plant and animal species and habitat types as well. It is expected to be a useful tool for raising awareness, educational and research purposes.

The creation of the Museum by the Nature Conservation Unit of Frederick University, was launched during the project 'Environmental Education for Educators' (3E project), which was part of a wider effort towards promoting environmental awareness in Cyprus. The project was funded by the United Nations Development Programme and specifically the Action for Cooperation and Trust (April 2007 - April 2008).

Information derived from the Museum's pages should be cited as follows: Nature Conservation Unit 2012+ (continuous update): Virtual Biodiversity Museum of Cyprus, Published at, (date of data retrieved).

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